found///lost in transit
Performed on April 18, 2022, found///lost in transit was the result of a three-month collaborative effort by the Intermedia Performance Art Ensemble participants in a creative dialogue between graduate and undergraduate students from across the arts disciplines at UNT. Together a group of small collaborative teams utilized a wide mix of traditional forms and emerging technological possibilities to create a series of works drawing thematic potential from the near one thousand English words that incorporate the prefix, Trans. The intent behind this generative strategy was to create a crucible for discovery into the realm of fluid, transitory, transformational dynamics that exist beyond the often simplistic or even false binaries that we might unthinkingly display – from gender to dynamic states of matter and beyond.

The Intermedia Performance Art Course
The Intermedia Performance Art Class, situated in the College of Music, Division of Composition Studies is an interdisciplinary workshop that utilize collaborative techniques to produce thought provoking, media rich immersive experiences. The Intermedia project is an opportunity for multiple creative centers, colleges and departments housed at both UNT and TWU to come together to create transdisciplinary works enjoyed by an enthusiastic supportive audience. The project steps outside the usual nature of the concert hall, film screening or exhibition venue and imagines new modalities for the presentation hybrid art forms. Previous events have included large scale installation environments, machinima performances, virtual world building, electro-acoustic operas and live cinema to name but a few of the expanded media forms undertaken by this adventurous group.

Cantonese Translation:
《發現///丟失在轉接中》(found///lost in transit) 於 2022 年 4 月 18 日演出,係跨媒體表演藝術課程參與者喺 UNT 唔同藝術學科嘅研究生和本科生之間,經過三個月合作創造嘅製作。 一組小型嘅協作團隊結合傳統形式同新興技術,創作出一系列作品,從包含前綴 Trans 嘅近千個英文單詞中汲取主題靈感。呢種生成策略背後嘅意圖係創建一個熔爐,以探索流體、短暫、可變嘅一種動態領域。呢啲動態領域存在於通常簡單甚至虛假嘅二元對立之外——從性別到物質嘅動態狀態等等。

位於音樂學院作曲部嘅跨媒體表演藝術課,係一個跨學科嘅工作坊,透過合作,產生髮人深省而媒體豐富嘅沉浸式體驗。 呢個課程為 UNT 同TWU 嘅多個創意中心、學院同部門提供一個機會,令佢哋能夠共同創作出受觀眾熱情支持同喜愛嘅跨學科作品。呢個課程超越音樂廳、電影放映或展覽場地通常嘅性質,並為展示混合藝術形式設立咗新嘅模式。 過往嘅活動包括大型裝置藝術、機械表演、虛擬世界、電聲歌劇同現場影院,以及更多具探索精神嘅形式。